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Rare earth oxides
The rare earth oxides include the light rare earth oxides(LREOs) such as lanthanum oxide(La2O3), cerium oxide(CeO2), praseodymium oxide(Pr6O11), neodymium oxide(Nd2O3), samarium oxide(Sm2O3), europium oxide(Eu2O3), and the heavy rare earth oxides(HREOs) gadolinium oxide(Gd2O3), terbium oxide(Tb4O7), dysprosium oxide(Dy2O3), holmium oxide(Ho2O3), erbium oxide(Er2O3), thulium oxide(Tm2O3), ytterbium oxide(Yb2O3), lutetium oxide(Lu2O3), scandium oxide(Sc2O3) and yttrium oxide(Y2O3). 
Neodymium oxide(Nd2O3), dysprosium oxide(Dy2O3), europium(Eu2O3), terbium(Tb4O7), and yttrium(Y2O3) are sometimes also considered as critical rare earth oxides(CREOs).
Rare earth metals 
The rare earth metals or the rare earth elements have many similar properties that often cause them to be found together in geologic deposits. 
The rare earth elements (REEs) are comprised of the lanthanide elements plus scandium and yttrium, which have similar physical properties and are often found in the same ores and deposits. Specifically, REEs include the light REEs (LREEs) such as lanthanum(La), cerium(Ce), praseodymium(Pr), neodymium(Nd), samarium(Sm), europium(Eu), and the heavy REEs (HREEs) gadolinium(Gd), terbium(Tb), dysprosium(Dy), holmium(Ho), erbium(Er), thulium(Tm), ytterbium(Yb), lutetium(Lu), scandium(Sc) and yttrium(Y).

The rare earth elements have unique catalytic, metallurgical, nuclear, electrical, magnetic and luminescent properties. Their strategic importance is indicated by their use in emerging and diverse technologies that are becoming increasingly more significant in today's society. 
Rare earth compounds 
Common rare earth compounds include rare earh bromides, rare earth carbonates, rare earth chlorides, rare earth fluorides, rare earth hexabrides, rare earth nitrates, rare earth oxides, rare earth oxaltes, rare earth sulfates, and rare earth sulfides.
Rare earth compound products play a crucial role in electronics, communications, advanced aviation, healthcare, and military hardware.
Rare earth phosphors 
A phosphor is a substance that exhibits the phenomenon of luminescence. Phosphors are often transition metal compounds or rare earth compounds of various types.
The most common uses of phosphors are in CRT displays and fluorescent lights. 
Triphosphor lamps offer tremendous added value in applications where color rendering quality is important.
Rare earth magnets
Rare Earth Magnets, also known as Neo, Neodymium Iron Boron, NdFeB, and NIB are the most powerful and advanced commercialized permanent magnet today.
NdFeB magnets are used in nearly all industries: Automotive, Aerospace, Wind Turbine, Military, White Goods, Lighting, Food Preparation, Separation, Motor and Generator industries.
Critical materials 
Material security issues have been of growing interest to researchers, governments, industry and other organizations alike due to increasing concerns over access to rare materials and the impact supply shortage may have. 
Critical materials are identified by many countries for national strategies for securing a
stable supply of such raw materials. These critical materials represent a diverse group, including materials that are mined or cultivated as well as some refined materials that are considered highly important to downstream sectors. Antimony, Beryllium, Cobalt, Gallium, Germanium, Hafnium, Indium, Magnesium, Niobium, Rhenium, Tantalum, Tellurium, Tungsten are common to be seen on the critical material list.

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